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Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai: A Brief Profile

Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai is the largest Air Cargo Complex in India in terms of volume of cargo handled, value of cargo, documents filed and revenue collected. Customs revenue collected during financial year 2014-15 was Rs 9839.47 crore.

Our Vision

Our Mission is to achieve excellence in the formulation and implementation of Customs initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at :

  • Realizing the revenues in a fair, equitable and efficient manner.
  • Administering the Government's economic, tariff and trade policies with a practical and pragmatic approach
  • Facilitating trade and industry by streamlining and simplifying Customs processes and helping Indian business to enhance its competitiveness
  • ......

Citizen's Charter

We shall carry out our tasks with -

  • Integrity and judiciousness
  • Courtesy and understanding
  • Objectivity and transparency
  • Promptness and efficiency
  • We shall encourage and assist voluntary tax compliance by our clients

Trade Facilitation Measures

Air Cargo Customs, Mumbai requires quick decisions and delivery systems to enable the Importers / Exporters to receive or export their goods in time. This is unique because of the urgency of the importation or exportation. Apart from this the demurrage charges of MIAL and NACIL are also higher in comparison to the Seaports.Therefore trade requires special facilities based on urgency of material imported or to be exported.

What’s New

  • Public Notice No. 11 / 2015-16 Read More.
  • New Office Order 02/2015 : Constitution of Complaints Commtttee in Mumbai Customs Zone- III for dealing with complaints of sexual harassment at work place - reg. Read More.
  • Public Notice No. 10 / 2015-16 Read More.
  • Public Notice No. 09 / 2015-16 - Introduction of Electronic Messaging System for issuance of Delivery Order (Online DO) at Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai - reg:Read More.
  • Public Notice No. 08 / 2015-16Read More.
  •   Facility Notice 05/2015 - Streamliningthe procedure for refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs in pursuance of Notification No. 102/2007-Customsdated 14.9.2007-Reg.Read More.
  •   Facility Notice 04/2015 - Introduction of new facility for payment of SAD refund amount directly to Importer's Bank Accounts instead of by way of issuing of cheques-reg.Read More.
  • Minutes Of Permanent Trade Facilitation Committee Meeting Held On 14.07.2015.Read More.


"In respect of any communication addressed to the Department, only a hard copy of such correspondence/document/letter/note etc delivered to the Department will be valid for legal purpose and Departmental records, and only such hard copy will be taken on file by affixing acknowledgement of the Department on the same. Any other form of communication by e-mail/fax etc will not be legally binding or taken cognizance of, by the Department."