List Of Officers

Nikhil Chandra
Commissioner of Customs
Administration, Personal and Vigilance of Air Cargo Complex (including work rated to custodian), CIU,PCA ,SAD Refund, Bond/ BBG, TP, SEEPZ, SEZ, Disposal of Goods in the jurisdiction of Air Cargo Complex I.e. Commissioner of Custom (iii) & IV 26828175
26826664 (PA)
P.K Agrawal
Joint Commissioner of Customs
CIU, Vigilance, Prev , Admin. P & E Technical Cell, CHS ,SAD Refund ,PCA Bond ,BBG Cell, T.P. , Review Legal , TPSC , Adjudication , Review Legal , Disposal & Strong Room , SEZ ,SEEPZ & Accounts Pay Bill Section 26828138
26816645 (PA)
Parag K Singh
Dy. Commissioner of Customs
Preventive & General Administration (P & E) , Personal & Establishment (P & E) Administration of SAD Refund , Scrutiny of SAD Refund Claims ( A.C.R.X.Y). Custome House Superintendents (C.HS), Batch & Floating 26816635
Vaibhav Kiran Pagare
D.y. Commissioner of Customs
Review, Legal, Post Clearance Audit & Administration of Post Clearance Audit 26816688
P. Imtiyaz Khan
Dy. Commissioner of Customs
CIU-I & III, CIU Administration , Disposal & Strong Room 26816613
Ms Versa Kolhatkar
Assistant Commissioner of Customs
CIU-II , Vigilance
M.H Hingorani
Assistant Commissioner of Customs
Pre Audit/Post Audit of SAD Refund, TP, Adjudication, SWWPZ & SEZ, Bond /BBG Cell 26828160
R.P Srivastava
Assistant Commissioner of Customs
Scrutiny of SAD Refund, Claims of Alphabets (F.G.K.U), Technical, Post Clearance Audit 26816616
D.r Sudhir Kohakade
Dy. Commissioner of Customs
Scrutiny of SAD Refund Claims of Alphabets (T.J.M.Q.W.Z), Post Clearance Audit 26816632
Vinod Nautiyal
Assistant Commissioner of Customs
Scrutiny of SAD Refund Claims of Alphabets (S.N.E.O.L.V) RTI, Sevottam, Tax Payer Service Center (TPSE), Post of Clearance Audit 26816679
Ms Chitralekha Shirke
Assistant Commissioner of Customs
Technical Post Clearance Audit
M.B Maryapagol
Assistant Commissioner of Customs
Post Clearance Audit, Scrtiny of SAD Refund Claims of Alphabets (D,H.I.P.B) – up to 30.9.2017 26816643