List Of Officers

Mr. Roopam Kapoor, Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone –III


Sr. No. Name of the Officer Designation Charges Allocated Mobile No. Email Id
1 Shri Ranjit Kumar Commissioner of Customs IV ACC(Export) 022-26828131(O) Ext. 6611 PA :6612 Ranjitkumar[dot]irs[@]gmail[dot]com
2 Shri Sudhakar Pandey Joint Commissioner Export Assessment & Shed, MCD, EGM Co-ordination Gr. 7A, 7B,7G,7D,7H,7I AEO Cell, Drawback( EDI), Drawback (Manual),Drawback (XOS), Drawback Reports, Brand Rate Unit,E&T, BBG Cell, CPGRAMS, PQSIIB(X), LRM, Prosecution, TRC, Legal,Review, RTI, IGST Refunds, IGST Reports, EDI, Audit, License, 100% EOU matters, Mulund AFS, Adjudication 26816635 Sudhakarp[dot]26[@]gov[dot]in
3 Ms. Priya Jadhav Deputy Commissioner of Customs Sevottam, E-helpline, E-Office, CPIO & RTI, Monitoring of EPCG(7G), DEEC License(7D), Monitoring of Export related to jobbing work(7A), Monitoring work related to 7H,7B & 7I, IGST Refunds, IGST Reports, Drawback(XOS), BBG Cell 26816657 Priya[dot]jadhav[@]gov[dot]in
4 Shri Prashant Gawande Joint Commissioner (Import) SIIB(X),Prosecution, Review, LRM, AEO Cell, License, 100% EOU matters, EDI, TRC, Mulund AFS 26828156 prashant[dot]gawande[@]gov[dot]in
5 Shri B. K. Sinha Assistant Commissioner of Customs Drawback(EDI), Drawback(Manual), Drawback Reports, ROS CTL, Brand rate Unit, E&T, CPGRAM, Parliament Question, Legal, Adjudication Cell, Tax Payer Cell 26816679 sinnhabinod[dot]k[@]gov[dot]in
6 Shri Vijayan V.K. Assistant Commissioner of Customs Export Assessment/Shed Batch A, CRU, Audit 26828144 vijayanvk[dot]g078901[@]gov[dot]in
7 Shri Suratwala Ashok Kumar Vallabhbhai Assistant Commissioner of Customs Export Assessment/Shed Batch B 26828144 ashokkumars[dot]g208901[@]gov[dot]in
8 Shri Bipin Sudhakar Jadhav Assistant Commissioner of Customs Export Assessment/Shed Batch C MCD 26828144 bipin[dot]jadhav[@]gov[dot]in
9 Shri M.K. Upadhayay Assistant Commissioner of Customs Export Assessment/Shed Batch D EGM Co-Ordination 26828144 manojku[dot]c098902[@]gov[dot]in